Kendal Gear was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1990. She studied fine art at Curtin University between 2008 & 2011, and now paints from her studio in the Perth hills.

Kendal’s work explores themes of identity and state of mind, often through portraiture, interiors and other everyday subject matter based around the home.

Commissioned portraits have made up a large portion of Kendal’s work in recent years.

Commission Enquiries – kendalgearart@outlook.com

Artist Statement:

Most of my work is self-reflective, often attempting to translate intangible mental and emotional states representationally.

I try to retain an element of ambiguity in my figurative work to mirror the abstract nature of the underlying concepts; the suggestion of something hidden from the viewer, or something happening outside the frame. I’m drawn to motifs with an obstructed or uncertain point of view, such as reflections, views through passages, and low-light scenes.